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My love to a dog began very much for a long time, in early childhood. As well as all small girls I dreamed to have a dog. And per one perfect solar day at us in the house has appeared ridiculous small puppies. Ever since I do not present the life without a dog. In each dog I have got the reliable and cheerful friend, which always was a close and was always ready to give itself completely to man to the friend. I have found many keen employment together with favourite animal. Beginnings to visit train territory, began to be interested in exhibitions of dogs. Gradually has got a wide experience of dialogue with these surprising creations, which were sent us in gift by a nature, and my love to them has developed into serious enthusiasm, which from year to year becomes to me interesting even more. In 1987-88 years I have received the status of the instructor-train of service dogs, has received a third category on Judge-expert with service dogs. In Moscow two years conducted groups at a General rate to train, to a Protection - to watch service on to train territory of city of Moscow. Some times judged exhibitions, participated in judicial brigades on competitions on to train. Went on many cities of Russia on exhibitions.

It is my professional documents received in 1987 of the instructor - train and judge - expert. Thus mine cynologique the professional experience at present makes 14 years.
 Since the end 80х of years I was strongly keen on dogs of breed the airdale terrier. And the enthusiasm for this remarkable, bright breed last rather long time. How many memoirs at me are connected to the airdale terrier. Quick-witted, well trained, cultured, graceful! His constant manner is intense to hold ears and tail, vigorous expression of an eye! I was in love with this breed! My first airdale AGAT DOTIR was an excellent working dog. He was fearless clever, with which I was not afraid to go for a walk, when was very darkly in the street. With him I began to comprehend beginnings cynologiq of the professionals, with him I studied in first steps of demonstration at exhibitions, on competitions on service cynologiq , we with him were together pleased to our victories and failures. I was very proud of him. And he to me paid boundless love and understanding. All my youth early has passed together with mine dear Agat.
One more mine airdale terrier IT`S MY LIFE KORNELS
was the first class exhibition dog of unusual beauty and grace. Mashka as I gently named her, was a unusually tender and fond essence. Her tail always joyfully went for a walk from the party in the party. How many victory of minutes we have gone through together with her, acting on exhibitions. How many pleasant words we listened with her from the judges, which were admired to her. She was the grand daughter of the airdale terrier of the century, named as the airdale, JOKYL GALLIPANTS from the world famous English nursery JOKYL, and as though knew it. She left in a ring as the queen - to show her was always huge pleasure. For this purpose she was not necessary to apply of the special efforts - all understood and did itself. Main that owner did not lag behind her. And I can argue: who whom else demonstrated in a ring! With her I have received excellent school skill of show. Flares of cameras, congratulation! We bathed in glory and victories. It was wonderful and will be never overlooked!

And mine charming Scottish-terrier KALLIGULA SCOTTISH TAOUR! It was the showman, the manufacturer, charming boy and simply mine small favourite SENKA - so I called this serious amusing and very independent on character a dog. He has appeared at me at home after I have seen at the exhibition this ridiculous and very nice dog on short leggs and very large head with eyebrowes up to the nose. It was such charm! Mine Kalligula has presented me many interesting moments, of supervision and he has learned me to respect his independence and serious character. We were the excellent friends and partners. He was temperamental, cheerful, fond game, thunder-storm of mice and present terrier fond of a human society, to be interested everything, that occurs around of him to excellent hunting instincts. His name and now frequently meets in family trees some known an adhesive tape of the terriers. And I always with pride note it. Senka as well as mine airdele terrier was the tremendous showman! On one of exhibitions on Best in SHOW in group of the terriers he has struck the judges with that did not lag behind on a step from huge in comparison with itself airdele and having to all other very much short leggs . I till now remember the smiling persons of the judges.
 Now my lovely favourite animals is not present with me beside. But due to them I became serious cynologique by the professional, has found interesting and fascinating enthusiasm, which does my life more sated, fascinating and various, gives acquaintance and dialogue with the people devoted and fond the dogs. All my achievements in chihuahua are directly connected to my earlier successes, as experience and the knowledge comes with years. This experience I began to apply in chihuahua, adapting to features and standard of this rare, surprising, ancient and smallest breed of dog in the world.
 Mine first chihuahua SANFLAY JULIEN was acquired in January, 1999. I would like to have houses a small cheerful solar essence. Were engaged cynologiq the rather long period of time to the that moment, I took first time in life a dog without the claims on exhibition successes and star blood. Unique, that would be desirable for me and very strongly is that pup was breed hereby chihuahua, instead of that similarity which was frequently offered in the markets and in Shop for an animal. Me was lucky also I has got first chihuahua in club "CRAFT" under presidency Tatjana Zemskova, which is the present enthusiast of breed chihuahua, and it is simple by the very interesting and surprising man. Plans did not include visiting exhibitions, breeding activity ours chihuahua, but per one perfect day the bell of the telephone was distributed and Bax was invited to the exhibition. The temptation was great, the soul "Fond very much dogs" has not sustained. Thus career Bax as exhibition star and ascention on top - champion also began. Already at the first exhibition Bax has shown itself as a perfect exhibition dog and became BEST JUNIOR "CRAFT". During one year having visited all at four largest and prestigious exhibitions for breed chihuahua SANFLAY JULIEN (BAX) became the CHAMPION NATIONAL CLUB CHIHUAHUA RUSSIA, and then and CHAMPION RUSSIA. He has gained significant victories under The foreign expert. Thanking Bax and him fast success I began to be interested in breed chihuahua more and more seriously. I needed not so a lot of time, due to rich and versatile film-logic experience in the past and help of my new friends in Russia and abroad taking a great interest chihuahua. In 2001 I imported from the Finnish nursery "Pahkinan" mine second chihuahua PAHKINAN TOP CLASS, on which I assign the large hopes. In 2002 one more has arrived chihuahua from Finland - Champion PAHKINAN DIVIN SASHA.

Not so it would be desirable to write about the purposes and tasks - and not because them are not present... To refer to ratings strongest in the world of nurseries of the world... To speak about is more tremendous magnificent golden breeding fund... And to assert that puppies from "HELENA" S " best... I shall tell only, that is always happy to have dialogue and friendship with keen chihuahua by the people, to be divided with them by pleasures and successes. With the large impatience I expect puppies from mine chihuahua and seriously I am engaged to a question of their future owner. Also With pleasure I shall render the help and assistance in purchase, cultivation and preparation for the exhibition of a small miracle - chihuahua. Write, call and actively participate in life of this site!

Leana Megkova

Mine the assistant - young to train and future to demonstrate on show - the daughter Alinka